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Custom Eco-friendly Food-grade Powder Green Paper Packaging Box

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.     Today, we are going to talk about the packaging of the powder products. As we all know, With development of society and technology , now more and more people focus much more energy and money on healthy, and more and more supplement brands coming up, and also some of the brands change the packaging of the powder products packaging from plastic/glass to more green packaging.

     For powder packaging, which need to be food grade, and some need to be air-tight, we have duty-free work shop for food paper packaging tube box, which can ensure the food grade standard and we also get the FDA and some of the other certification for the food products packaging, for the air-tight need, if it is the 100% air-tight, it will need a machine to seal the peel-off lid on the tube once you packed the powder inside, after sealing the lid, it can be 100% air-tight and keep powder fresh and dry. And if you don’t have the machine, don’t worry, there is also the other type of the box with hand close lid, we can put it on and take if off with only hand, but it is not 100% air-tight, and it is also good to keep the powder products fresh and dry. And some of clients also need the paper bag with sealing to pack the small grams of the sample gifts or the refill sets. Both of them are eco-friendly. 

     We are happy to provide with 100% recycled samples for checking and testing. We’re sure that is will be helpful to make your product more standing and increase your sales. 

1920x650-Eco-friendly Different Style Food-grade Powder Paper Packaging Tube


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