Dropper Bottle Box Jar Paper Packaging

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Fortress innovative Dropper Bottle Paper Tube Packaging, measuring 150 millimeters in height, offers an environmentally-conscious solution for securely storing and presenting delicate dropper bottles. Crafted from premium, sturdy paperboard material certified by FSC, this packaging ensures both product protection and environmental responsibility.

Designed specifically for accommodating standard-sized dropper bottles, this tube packaging boasts a smart interior fitment that snugly holds the bottle in place, preventing any movement or damage during transit. The 150mm height allows for the inclusion of additional inserts or padding if necessary, offering superior shock absorption and cushioning.

The exterior of the tube can be fully customized with vibrant graphics, branding elements, and instructional details printed using eco-friendly ink technology. The packaging unfolds smoothly, inviting customers to engage in a unique unboxing experience that reflects your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

This paper tube packaging also features a convenient opening mechanism which allows for easy access to the dropper bottle without compromising its safety. Whether you’re packaging essential oils, serums, or other liquid-based cosmetics, our 150mm Dropper Bottle Paper Tube Packaging delivers a sophisticated, professional appearance while prioritizing user-friendliness and green initiatives.